My name is Terry-Lynn and I am a middle years teacher in the Canadian prairies. I decided to start this blog because there is a lack of truly Canadian resources and perspective on the net. Thus the purpose of this blog is to critique websites and generally talk about my experiences as a Canadian teacher.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frozen Teen Texting in the Snow

Yesterday, a teen, while texting, stood in the snow, looked around and did not see her shadow. In middle school, this means spring will come early.I kid you not. Texting teens are much more reliable than a pudgy rodent with dental problems.

Late winter in Canada is difficult for teens. Various body parts are perpetually red and swollen from never wearing appropriate winter wear. I never did either as a teen and I'm amazed that I still have my ears and fingers. They want to go outside but can't because it's too cold to wear anything fashionable.(Oh my God, the horror of not being in fashion!). And the snow isn't melting, giving the impression that winter will last forever.

And we have to teach these happy, happy bundles of teen joy! Here's a list of ideas that may help.

1. Have incentives in the classroom for good behaviour.
  • extra gym time
  • movie afternoon
  • computer time
  • trip to indoor swimming pool
2. Teach "spring" topics (Easter, spring vocabulary etc) a little early.
3. Play happy music (brainstorm list with class) 
4. Plant something in planter's pots.
5. have a noon hour potluck
6. Decorate the classroom spring like (I never decorated, I just bought the stuff and hand them to my students)

Hope my brief list helps. And if you have any ideas, list them in the comments section.

The Canuck Teacher