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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentine's Day Activities for Middle Years Students

Valentine's day is funny in the middle years. Overactive hormones makes every love affair a "seriously committed relationship". And like a parent, I hear way too much about their love lives. Also, they want to be considered adults, but have all the privileges of children. Therefore, all Valentine's Day activities need to be "adult" or at least not too frilly and cute. Here is a list of academic and fun activities for the middle years.

1. Movie afternoon -  with popcorn, pop and cake (Do NOT show "My Bloody Valentine", trust me they'll ask)
2. Candy making, specifically chocolate - you can buy the molds but dipping cookies in melted chocolate and making "bark" works too.
3. Candy grams - Little bags of candy that people buy and give to others (school activity)
4. Valentine's Day themed book buddies - The teens read Valentine's Day books and then help their buddies make Valentine Day cards or crafts
5. Baking afternoon - make rice krispies treats, jello, pudding, ice cream cone cupcakes and brownies (if you have an oven)
6. Valentine's Day Bake Sale - Okay technically I did this around Easter. But it was so successful I wished I would have done it during Valentine's Day like first thought.
7. Valentine's Day Webquest
8. Origin of Valentine's Day reading comprehension (abcteach.com has one)
9. Wordstudy and Puzzle booklet (I made one or make your own)
10. Red, or pink dress up day

Notice that I don't have a card exchange in the list. The reason is because teens really can't handle rejection. And I think a card exchange is too public a way for someone to discover how unpopular they are in the classroom.

So that's my brief list. What's yours?

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